Tangier is a fascinating Moroccan city to visit. It has many of the things that travelers love – a sense of exotic mystery, interesting history, beautiful vistas, unspoiled beaches, and friendly people.

A scenic drive takes you to Cap Spartel, a promontory projecting into the waters where the Mediterranean and Atlantic meet. You’ll stop here for a unique photo opportunity and to visit Hercules Caves. The caves have been carved out by the perpetual action of the waves and partially by the hand of man. The Berbers used to extract limestone from the caves to make millstones. They were inhabited during prehistoric times and the Phoenicians have left some markings on the walls. You’ll learn some of the many legends surrounding these caves.

Drive to the entrance of the medina, where you’ll enjoy a comprehensive walk through one of Tangier’s most historic and architecturally interesting areas, the Kasbah and its museum, before moving on to the Grand Souk.

The Kasbah area is spread across the highest point of the medina, and your guide leads you on an uphill walk while pointing out some of the highlights. Once at the top, you find yourself in an area much unchanged since the Roman times. The Kasbah was the traditional residence of the sultan and his harem, and is now one of the most fashionable residential areas of Tangier and much quieter quarter than the other areas of the city. Visit the Kasbah Museum, newly renovated, it focuses on the history of the area. You’re sure to enjoy the traditional courtyard, the various displays and the large mosaic works of art on display.

Winding your way back down the hill, your guide leads you into one of Tangier's most colorful and bustling areas, the Grand Souk. Is always full of life and remains a busy place, especially when Riffian peasants come to market. It is the center of things and the link between the medina and the new city. You’ll also stop for refreshments and enjoy time for shopping.

  • Departure from Harbour (Drive + Explanations)
  • Hercules Grottos (Visit + Explanations)
  • Drive to Cap spartel
  • Cap Spartel (Photo-stop)
  • Walk to enjoy a Refreshment
  • Refreshment stop at Cap Spartel (Mint Tea + Moroccan Pastry)
  • Drive to the Kasbah district
  • Kasbah District & Kasbah Museum (Visit + Explanations)
  • Walk to the Fruits and Vegetables Market
  • The Fruits & Vegetables Market (Visit + Explanations)
  • Medina & Grand socco (Visit + Explanations)
  • Return to Harbour


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